I was born with a craniofacial deformity.  Right from birth, I was fighting the odds. His family was told I wouldn’t make it. My left eye so underdeveloped I have no vision in it, partially blind in my right, had no bone structure to my nose at all and to top it off my skull was caving in. Doctors said I would be dead by the time I hit sixteen. They claimed I was deaf, blind and mentally challenged. 50+ surgeries later and thirty years old I have proven them wrong and have continued to live my life.

My goal is to show the world that you can make your dreams come true and achieve whatever you want no matter what. Above all, I want to show people that they truly can do anything they put their minds to with the right mindset, determination, and passion.

I have been writing for over ten years and have had many articles published online and in a local newspaper and even wrote a novel I’m trying to get published. while writing multiple other books.